Electrolysis is the only proven method for permanent hair removal approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis can be used to remove hair of any texture and color, for any skin type. It has been tried, tested, and proven successful as a safe and effective means to remove hair permanently.

Electrolysis is accomplished by directing a specified measured amount of localized electrical current to the growth center of the hair follicle through a natural opening in the skin-the pore. This procedure causes gradual cellular destruction of the hair follicle which prevents the follicle from producing further hair growth.

In contrast, waxing and tweezing hair removes it from the root, but leaves the follicle in tact. The trauma to the follicle causes increased blood flow to that area, stimulating increased hair growth. The new hair often grows back more quickly and coarser than the original hair. So, if you want to permanently get rid of hair, electrolysis is the only way.




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